We Recommend the 480p or 720p Resolutions For Best Audio

We're Not "Subtle" -  Our goal is to push vocal aesthetics to the maximum, and there's nothing subtle about that! 

You Don't Have To Be an Engineer To Use It   Think of it as your "Sound Engineer In a Box" automatically enhancing your vocals in the studio or on stage with a full suite proprietary custom designed effects specifically designed and optimized exclusively for vocal work.  If you want to tweak, however you do have the ability to access all of the parameters of the UVP's operation and store your own presets.  It's the best of both worlds!  

 The Culmination of 37 Years Work  Our design work on Studio effects gear started back in the mid seventies in the analog domain and continued into the 80s developing a wide range of pro studio gear including parametric eq's, mic pres, compressors, limiters, expanders, de-essers, delays and reverbs.  One of our Compressor / Limter / Expanders the CLX-2 designed in the mid 80's still has a cult following among most of the top engineers and producers in Nashville.    

Take Your Studio Sound - On Stage  Everyone has had the disappointing experience of going to hear their favorite recording artist and having their live performance sound  nothing like their studio recordings.   The UVP is the "Missing Link" between to bring consistency to the sound you produce in the Studio and On Stage.

 Full Suite of Effects  Literally nothing on this box is "standard". Everything is specifically designed for vocals starting with the mic-pre and it's 48V Phantom power supply.  From there the path continues to the A/D and on to a propreitary 6 band EQ and X-Iter.  Then it's on to the Dynamics Processing section of the Compressor / Limiter / Expander / De-Esser.   Following the Dynamics Processor it's on to the Spatial Effects of a combination of Early Reflections, Slap Echo Delays, and Reverb tailored for vocal work with Independent Control over the Low Frequency Decay Time and the High Frequency Decay Time - allowing for special reverberation effects such as "Sibillant Reverb" for shimmering "sssss" sounds that provide far more sizzle than Plate Reverbs and leave convolution reverbs sounding muddy by comparison.

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